She coyly accepts the accolades for success in the glamorous industry of broadcasting and TV, but Keke Matlou is under no illusion that she has arrived.

In a world where many still seek their path, Matlou was resolute in the path she wished to pursue.

“I was intrigued that people could get paid for organizing parties and this planted a seed to study Events Management.”

Matlou discovered that it was more than just party planning but rather an engaging discipline with many off shoots to explore.

“I embraced this opportunity and worked hard,” she says

The daring young woman was only 15 years of age when she convinced her mother to allow her to pursue her studies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Twenty one years later, Matlou has transcended from being a young woman to a budding celebrity in the entertainment industry where her voice features on commercials, television episodes and company training videos, filling conference arenas at award ceremonies such as the FNB Enablis launch-pad business awards and SARS 2016 Award Ceremony.

In addition to singing catchy jingles on both radio and television, Keke earned a spot on HOT919FM as a News Broadcaster.

Her clientele include corporates, radio stations, parastatals and individuals.

How does she juggle it all?

EXPLORING LIFE’S PLEASURES: Keke enjoying and documenting her travel

“It is key to know who the client is and have an understanding of their expectations. No matter how bad things get, I make an effort to positively represent the client. Remember in this industry, you are as good as your last job, so every job must be flawless and perfect. Everything I do I do intentionally hence I love what I do. It is by choice,” she says

It was however Kek’s work at In Any Event public relations and event management (pty) Ltd, compay as the Event Management and International incentives department head that attracted yet another exciting opportunity.

Her travels on behalf of clients and experience delivering on mandates of corporate led to a production company noticing her and asking her to document her travels.

This was the beginning of Keke Presents; a travel show that follows Keke as she explores life’s pleasures including fine dining, exotic activities, beautiful spots and diverse cultures for a show that airs on BET.

The upwardly mobile young Motswana is currently a member of the PCO Alliance Network – an industry governing body of event specialists in South Africa as well as a member of SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) – A global team of over 2000 industry professionals/members in over 90 countries worldwide.

“One must never stop learning more of their chosen field whilst enjoying the pecks that come with it. I believe in growth,” she says with a big hearty laugh.

Keke’s tips on living one’s dream

Live intently

Be sure of what you desire and seek it

Work towards your dreams, every step counts

Develop yourself – through school, mentorship & coaching, learning from positive influences of those already on the journey you yearn for.

Never be who you are not, cultivate you and master you.

Have fun doing what you have chosen.

Nurture important relationships; family, friends, networks. Know when it is time for what and put in the work accordingly.

Remember fear is crippling, get over it and do what needs to be done.

Keep a diary/reminder of what you wish to attain, that way you can check in and see if you are on course.

Celebrate milestones – no matter how small, give yourself a pat on the back for putting yourself out there.